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Before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic my lower back seized up on me making it hard to move or walk without using a cane.  After getting treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I can function in all I need to do, and do not need a cane.  They are great people and I received great care.  The staff makes you feel comfortable and the office is always in a warm and easy atmosphere.

    - M.E. age 60 Oak Ridge, TN

I had pain in my left elbow, particularly associated with lifting prior to visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  After several weeks of ultrasound treatment and kinesiology tape at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I am pain-free.  This practice is very patient-friendly.  I never had to wait, whether early, on-time or late for an appointment.  Dr. Autumn is such a pleasant person, as well as being very knowledgeable.

    - J.W. age 60 Claxton, TN


Before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had sudden sharp pain radiating from the lower left side of my back through my buttock and the back of my left thigh.  I had never felt this pain before, but it was very unbearable.  A family member suggested I go to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn't know what to expect, however within two treatments back to back days, the pain shooting through my leg was alleviated.  Knowing how bad it hurt, I was thrilled.  Dr. Autumn Hardin saw me the same day my symptoms started and she was able to see me in the evening hours which was very helpful considering my schedule.  I couldn't be happier with the results or the staff of Oak Ridge Chiropractic!

    - C.L. age 28    Knoxville, TN


Before getting chiropractic care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had severe back pain whick made me nervous because I did not know the cause.  A friend looket at my back before I came in and told me that my spine looked out of alignment.  I was not only in terrible pain every time I move, I was scared in addition.  Dr. Autumn saw me, she took everything I said seriously.  Dr. Autumn said that I had sprained my lower back.  The day after my first treatment I felt 80% better, and after two treatments 90% better.  I am confident that I'll be 100% after another visit.  Dr. Autumn was very kind and professional.  She is very well versed inher field and explains things thoroughly.  She definitely puts forth full effort to try to get you better.  Also, the receptionis, Amy is a ray of sunshine with her caring smile.  I would definitely recomment this chiropractic office to someone who was experiencing physical pain.
     - K.M. age 41 Oak Ridge, TN


Before visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic I was experiencing extreme lower back pain; I could barely sit and could not bend over at all.  My medical doctor in Knoxville, TN took x-rays, prescribed several medications, ordered 3 weeks of bed rest, an MRI, and advised me that I would probably be out of work for an extensive time period.  However, I visited Oak Ridge Chiropractic instead and after three visits with Dr. Blake from Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I am now able to sit and drive comfortably.  I have also been able to unload the dishwasher and clothes from washer and dryer.  I am looking forward to being at work for a new school year beginning Monday, less than one week after wondering if I would ever sit or move normally again.  The treatment has really worked.  Everything has been carefully explained to me and I have been given lots of tips on how to keep my back healthier in the future.  Thanks so much Dr. Blake and Oak Ridge Chiropractic!

    - G.P. age 50    Knoxville, TN


I had lower back pain and stiffness and fatigue after any labor. Also I had burning and stiffness in my ankle after exercise. So I didn’t exercise! After treatment in this office my back loosened up and got stronger. I can touch my toes for the first time in years! I was able to return to jogging two miles a day with no burning in my ankle. This threshold allows me to return to fitness before it was too late! Thanks Oak Ridge Chiropractic! 

    - K.S. age 43   Oak Ridge, TN


I had middle back pain and knee and elbow pain. I could not lift anything without pain and couldn’t walk stairs without pain. After being treated in this office I have been able to sleep better. I can actually sleep all night without taking medication. I feel much better and can function with no pain at all. My back, knees and elbow no longer give me problems. I really appreciated the fact that I received a phone call after my first visit letting me know that they were praying for my healing. Thank you for caring about your patients! I would recommend anyone to Oak Ridge Chiropractic, they are worth the drive from Knoxville to Oak Ridge.

    - A.D. age 29   Knoxville, TN


I had extreme lower back pain constantly, with shooting pain down my legs before visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic. After treatment my pain is completely gone, thanks to Dr. Hardin and Oak Ridge Chiropractic.

    - T.M. age 30   Powell, TN


I was in the Oak Ridge area visiting a friend on vacation and I had pain in my lower back and hip. I was unable to bend over, couldn’t lift right leg to step up and couldn’t get out of bed with out assistance. After treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had great relief. I can go up steps, get in and out of the bathtub/shower. I can bend over and pick things I drop and I can lay down on my bed and get back up. Also, Oak Ridge Chiropractic was able to see me right away and I did not have to wait until I went back to FL to see my local chiropractor!

    - C.H. age 62   Jacksonville, FL


I had lower back pain and after treatment at this chiropractic office the lower back pain has been removed. Also, I had stiffness in my neck for several years; this has also been cleared up. I would highly recommend Oak Ridge Chiropractic to anyone in Oak Ridge or Knoxville!

    - R.A. 43   Knoxville, TN


I live in Harriman, TN but work in Oak Ridge and prior to visiting Dr. Autumn Hardin and Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had a pinched nerve in my neck that would send shooting pains up my head. The only resolution to these pains was to bend over for a few seconds. This would occur 5-10 times per day. Since starting treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic I only get the shooting pains once a day and some days I don’t get any. Since this has been an ongoing problem for 11 years I am thrilled with the results!

    - C.S age 49   Harriman, TN


After 21 years of constant pain from a neck injury I now have only minimal pain and only when I look back over my shoulder. Dr. Blake Hardin at Oak Ridge Chiropractic has worked wonders on my neck and shoulders to relieve my pain. Oak Ridge Chiropractic was an answer to my prayers.

    - S.L. age 58   Oliver Springs,TN


Before getting care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had extreme low back pain. After one chiropractic treatment I had a noticeable difference in my level of pain and after the second treatment I was totally pain free. I have recommended Oak Ridge Chiropractic to several friends.  A wonderful experience!

    - W.S. age 63   Oak Ridge, TN


I was having headaches several times a week. After going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic my headaches went away after the very first treatment! I'm so thankful I finally found relief! I had tried almost everything to get rid of them and nothing worked. Thank you Oak Ridge Chiropractic! I live in Kingston but work in Oak Ridge and was able to stop by on my lunch breaks.

    - L.S. age 28   Kingston, TN


Would I recommend Oak Ridge Chiropractic to my family and friends? Absolutely! I visited with a lower back issue from a weekend warrior incident. Back pain was completly healed in a few visits. I also had been "living" with what I thought was chronic neck pain (had it for over ten years) and after a few visits I can sleep better and have an improved range of motion without the PAIN. They also treated and cured some tendinitis (diagnosed by family doctor) in my heel/foot area. The office is full of state of the art equipment and the variety of treatment and therapy is impressive. The icing on the cake is these are two of the most personable, professional, likeable people/doctors you could ever meet. Attitude means a lot to me and theirs is outstanding by anyone's standards. I had tried several other chiropractors over the years close to where I live in Kingston, but decided to try someone different this time and I am very happy with my choice.

    - J.L. age 49   Kingston, TN


The owners are smart, skilled, caring, and they really help me with my spine issues. I live in pain from neck to toes, and they can help me in managing it without drugs, through their treatments. On top of all that, they are great folks and worth the drive from Rockwood.

    - N.B. age 55   Rockwood, TN


If you want the best, then visit Oak Ridge Chiropractic! Both Doctors are knowledgeable and friendly! I visited on a holiday when everyone else was closed, they were open and I had just aggravated my lower back from working out and could barely walk. After the first visit I realized these people were truly first class! They were able to diagnose and fix my problems in my lower back within the first visit. World Class Customer Service at Oak Ridge Chiropractic!

    - D.J. age 30   Oliver Springs, TN


I visited Oak Ridge Chiropractic to find some relief from lower back pain. In about two weeks the pain has been dramatically minimized and mobility has increased. I found alot of comfort in the fact that they can understand enough about my condition to be able to explain it to me in terms that I can understand. They also gave me a realistic frequency of treatment that includes a criteria that helps me to decide when treatment is no longer needed. I have a great deal of confidence in Oak Ridge Chiropractic. I appreciate their manner and I enjoy the improved health that they are helping me to experience.

    - C.L. age 47   Oak Ridge, TN


Before getting chiropractic care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had severe pain in my left leg.  After 4 or 5 visits, the pain was gone.  The stiffness in my entire body is also easied.  Thank you Dr. Blake and Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I am feeling so much better. 

    - S.N. age 65   Oak Ridge, TN


I came to Oak Ridge Chiropractic with chronic back pain emanating from the lower center of my back.  I had periodic to chronic pain from my right leg to my foot and my right hip seemed to be dislocated from time to time.  I had periodic pain in my arm through my third and fourth fingers, I also had radial pain over the back of my liver area which I didn't associate with my back at first.  I couldn't stand or walk for any length of time.  These conditions had been going on for years and getting worse.  In the past, I drove a long haul truck and would sit for hours at a time, which I now associated with alot of my back problems.  After noninvasive, and relatively inexpensive treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic I am fixed!  I strongly recommend their approach toward treatment.  If what they do to you won't fix the problem, their treatments won't make it worse (i.e. surgery) and the side effects of the treatments are nonexistent (i.e. medication).  I was skeptical when I first came here, my first chiropractic visit, but now I am a believer.  My back is 100% better and I am blessed to know Dr. Blake and Dr. Autumn.

    - R.H. age 52   Oak Ridge, TN


I was new to the Harriman area and was looking for a new chiropractor and found Oak Ridge Chiropractic on-line.  After one visit I feel great, can't wait until my next visit. I highly recommend Dr. Blake. He is an awesome chiropractor.

    - J.H age 48   Harriman, TN


Before getting chiropractic care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had pain in my calf and ankle when sleeping on either side.  After getting treated in this office, I am now able to sleep on my sides without the throbbing and discomfort that I had before. 

    - S.J. age 52  Oak Ridge, TN


When I first visited Oak Ridge Chiropractic, Dr. Autumn Hardin, I was in a lot of pain; my neck was a mess.  On a chart between 1 and 10 (10 being the worse), I was a "12".  After a few treatments, I felt relief and now after approx. 15 visits, my neck is in the best shape ever.  I will continue to see Dr. Autumn on a monthly basis for "maintenance."  Thank you Dr. Autumn!  In my opinion, both doctors, Dr. Blake and Dr. Autumn, are very dedicated, caring, and honest.  They really care about you and take their time explaining things and answering questions.  If they feel that they can't help you, they say so and this is very refreshing!  Thanks you both!
P.S. It also doesn't hurt that they are young, beautiful and nice!

    - M.S. age 70   Kingston, TN


I absolutely love Dr. Blake Hardin and Dr. Autumn Hardin. They are very professional and very thorough in my treatment. I recommend them to everyone I know.

    - L.N. age 45   Lake City, TN


Before getting treated at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had recently pulled my left hamstring.  I also had general lower back problems.  After my injury I was unable to raise my leg without pain.  I sought treatment at Dr. Blake and Dr. Autumn's office (Oak Ridge Chiropractic).  When I saw Dr. Blake Hardin, he evaulated my leg, did therapeutic ultrasound, adjusted my lower back and applied Spider Tech tape to the area of the leg that was injured.  Within 24-30 hours later I had 90% use of my leg again with only little discomfort.  Since that treatment, and now 5 visits later, I'm able to continue working out at the gym, as well as playing on a city coed sports team.  From the moment I walked into Oak Ridge Chiropractic, the receptionist acknowleges my presents and greets me with a smile.  Both Dr. Blake and Dr. Autumn show much compassion for their patients and thank you for that!

    - L.H. age 52   Oak Ridge, TN


I suffered with lower back pain, neck pain and headaches before getting treated at Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  After recieving treatments by Dr. Blake, I feel so much better.  100% better with no pain and no headaches.  I can move with ease and no pain.  I am now really happy and satisfied with Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  Thank you Dr. Blake!  I will definitely come back to Oak Ridge Chiropractic for future problems.

    - B.C. age 21   Harriman, TN


I had sciatic nerve pain and severe back / leg pain before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  Within a few visits to Oak Ridge Chiropractic I noticed improvements, now I am just about perfect and couldn't be happier.  Dr. Autumn is a life saver, she took care of all my pain.  Thank you Dr. Autumn, you are truely an angel. 

    - L.D. age 39   Oak Ridge, TN


Before getting treated at this office, I had severe pain in my lower back and hip that was debilitating.  After getting treated with adjustments and spinal decompression I have a dramatic decrease in pain and dramatic increase in mobility.  Dr. Blake Hardin was very professional in treating me as a patient.  The health improvements have been so good that I am enthusiastic about referreing others, whom I come across, who suffer from similar medical problems and pain.

    - M.M. age 39   Oak Ridge, TN


I had numbness in my back and legs that radiated to my knees before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  I also had extreme neck pain, limited neck movement and TMJ pain.  After getting treated at this office my back is doing much better, the numbness is limited and not radiating, and my neck movment is improving.  I have been extremely pleased with my care and the improvement with the issues I have had at Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  Dr. Autumn and Dr. Blake are wonderful.

    - M.H. age 47   Clinton, TN


Before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had sharp pain in my lower back, sometimes so sharp I would have to stop putting weight on my left leg when walking.  I also had pain between my shoulder blades and stiffness in my neck leftover from a car accident (whiplash) 3 years ago.  After getting treated and still continuing with care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic most of my lower back pain is gone, and my range of motion in my neck is better than it was been since the accident.  I didn't even realize how bad it was until the symptoms were gone!  The pain between my shoulder blades is also gone.  Dr. Autumn has taught me a lot about how to take care of my back along the way (exercises, how to use chiropractic care, and things I never thought about before).  Her style is relaxed and friendly.  When she was unavailable (rarely), Dr. Blake was able to cover with no problems in my treatment and Hillary (office manager) is so friendly. - This is a fabulous chiropractic practice!

    - J.P. age 46   Oak Ridge, TN


I was unable to move because of severe pains in my lower back before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  I could not even stretch out on the table.  It was determined that I had arthtitis in my back.  After the 1st treatment I was able to move and was loosened up enough to walk better.  Ater several weeks I am able to come for treatment just one time a week and I feel wonderful!  Between God and Dr. Autumn my success story is for real and long lasting.

    - D.F. age 75   Farragut, TN


I had pain my my left hip, leg, knee, and ankle prior to going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  This pain persisted daily, sometimes so severe I could hardly walk.  After going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic the pain is now 95% improved.  I have rare instances of pain but never so severe that it interferes with walking or any daily activities.  I highly recommend this practice for chiropractic care.  Drs. Autumn and Blake genuinely care about the well-being of each patient.

    - G.B. age 61   Jacksboro, TN


I had low back pain that was radiating to the left leg and foot before getting Chiropractic treatments.  Pain was between 7-8 out of 10 on a pain scale.  I had been to an orthopedic surgeon as well as 2 rounds of physical therapy with little help.  After about two months with Dr. Blake, I can now stand pain-free and sit for 8-10 hours with very minimal discomfort.  Dr. Blake and their staff are awesome.  This is the most courteous physician's office I have ever been to for treatment.

    - R.P. age 35   Oak Ridge, TN


I had a bad accident while horseback riding.  The horse reared up, fell over backwards, and rolled over me!  Thankfully nothing was broken, but I could definitely tell that something was wrong.  The first doctor that I went to insisted that I was fine and sent me away with pain medication.  Then I went to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  Dr. Autumn was amazing to work with, and I was so relieved to have someone who was willing to actually help me FIX the problem, and not just treat the symptoms.  My pain has almost completely vanished, and Dr. Autumn is always here whenever I crash on my horses.

    - S.L. age 18   Oak Ridge, TN


Due to stress and improper posture, I had neck and upper back pain before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic.  After getting treated, pain was immediatly reduced and is now not present.  I have been to a couple of other chiropractors before, but none utilized the equipment and techniques that this office does, and I believe that has made a great difference. 

    - W.B. age 32   Oak Ridge, TN


A skiing accident in 2006 left me with multiple compression fractures in my mid and upper back.  As time went by, the muscles in my back began to spasm, and I was unable to walk even short distances.  After an MRI, the orthopedic surgeon said that surgery would probably not help and instead gave me various pain medications - none of which did any good.
After a few wees of gentle treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic by Dr. Autumn, my muscle spasms diminished, and I can now walk a mile or two with little or no pain.  On a recent trip to Hawaii, I was able to hike a mile on the NaPali coast trail with my wife, and we have pictures to prove it.  I highly recommend Oak Ridge Chiropractic to anyone with back pain from any cause.  These doctors understand your problem and can really help - even when there is structural damage to the spine!

    - F.J. age 68   Oak Ridge, TN


Before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for more than 20 years.  I had not been able to walk comfortably for most of that time.  After going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic and getting treatments with Dr. Autumn, I finally walk without pain again.  I can now travel, walk through the park, visit museums, go shopping and actually enjoy myself again.  Thank you so much!

    - L.B. age 67 Oak Ridge, TN


I had back pain with sciatic nerve pain in my hip and leg before visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic, but after one treatment on the spinal decompression table, my pain was completely gone.  Oak Ridge Chiropractic is a very friendly office with no waiting and is a very plesant atmosphere.

    - C.F. age 78 Oak Ridge, TN


I'm a very passionate gardener, so every spring, I start over using my back while planting and mulching.  This spring, I got severe lower back pain radiating down my left leg after planting all my annuals.  I went to Oak Ridge Chiropractic and Dr. Blake Hardin used a variety of techniques to relieve the pain and I am no longer miserable while sitting or bending.  The pain and stiffness have completely gone.  Dr. Blake even showed me how to garden without injuring my back further.  He is a very skilled and caring doctor!

    - N.M. age 58 Oak Ridge, TN


Prior to treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had pain and discomfort in my lumbar area radiating up the spine to the neck area.   I then went to Oak Ridge Chiropractic. It was the spinal decompression and ice pack treatments that gave me so much comfort. I have not felt so good in a long time. The discomfort was getting quite painful. Dr. Autumn helped me so much that now I can do my own housework and exercises. I would recommend Dr. Autumn to anyone.

    - P.W. age 84 Claxton, TN


Over the past two months I have been receiving treatment for my lower back pain.  Dr. Autumn evaluated my lower back issues and determines a course of treatment.  She made my treatment important and has been very concerned about my recovery.  As I progressed, she even reduced the number of visits needed to begin the maintenance program.  Unlike other Chiropractic service who would like for you to keep coming even though it is not needed.  I commend Dr. Autumn for her honesty and her ability to get me progressing in the right direction.

    - K.H. age 45   Clinton, TN

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