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Testimonial – W. S.

Before getting care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had extreme low back pain. After one chiropractic treatment I had a noticeable difference in my level of pain and after the second treatment I was totally pain free. I have recommended Oak Ridge Chiropractic to several friends. A wonderful experience! – W. S. age 63 – […]

Testimonial – S. L.

After 21 years of constant pain from a neck injury I now have only minimal pain and only when I look back over my shoulder. Dr. Blake Hardin at Oak Ridge Chiropractic has worked wonders on my neck and shoulders to relieve my pain. Oak Ridge Chiropractic was an answer to my prayers. – S. […]

Testimonial – C. S.

I live in Harriman, TN but work in Oak Ridge and prior to visiting Dr. Autumn Hardin and Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had a pinched nerve in my neck that would send shooting pains up my head. The only resolution to these pains was to bend over for a few seconds. This would occur 5-10 […]

Testimonial – R. A.

I had lower back pain and after treatment at this chiropractic office the lower back pain has been removed. Also, I had stiffness in my neck for several years; this has also been cleared up. I would highly recommend Oak Ridge Chiropractic to anyone in Oak Ridge or Knoxville! – R. A. age 43 – […]

Testimonial – C. H.

I was in the Oak Ridge area visiting a friend on vacation and I had pain in my lower back and hip. I was unable to bend over, couldn’t lift right leg to step up and couldn’t get out of bed with out assistance. After treatment at Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had great relief. I […]

Testimonial – T. M.

I had extreme lower back pain constantly, with shooting pain down my legs before visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic. After treatment my pain is completely gone, thanks to Dr. Hardin and Oak Ridge Chiropractic. – T. M. age 30 – Powell, TN

Testimonial – A. D.

I had middle back pain and knee and elbow pain. I could not lift anything without pain and couldn’t walk stairs without pain. After being treated in this office I have been able to sleep better. I can actually sleep all night without taking medication. I feel much better and can function with no pain […]

Testimonial – K. S.

I had lower back pain and stiffness and fatigue after any labor. Also I had burning and stiffness in my ankle after exercise. So I didn’t exercise! After treatment in this office my back loosened up and got stronger. I can touch my toes for the first time in years! I was able to return […]

Testimonial – G. P.

Before visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic I was experiencing extreme lower back pain; I could barely sit and could not bend over at all. My medical doctor in Knoxville, TN took x-rays, prescribed several medications, ordered 3 weeks of bed rest, an MRI, and advised me that I would probably be out of work for an […]

Testimonial – K. M.

Before getting chiropractic care at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I had severe back pain whick made me nervous because I did not know the cause.  A friend looket at my back before I came in and told me that my spine looked out of alignment.  I was not only in terrible pain every time I move, […]

Testimonial – C. L.

Before going to Oak Ridge Chiropractic I had sudden sharp pain radiating from the lower left side of my back through my buttock and the back of my left thigh. I had never felt this pain before, but it was very unbearable. A family member suggested I go to Oak Ridge Chiropractic. I had never […]

Testimonial – J. W.

I had pain in my left elbow, particularly associated with lifting prior to visiting Oak Ridge Chiropractic. After several weeks of ultrasound treatment and kinesiology tape at Oak Ridge Chiropractic, I am pain-free. This practice is very patient-friendly. I never had to wait, whether early, on-time or late for an appointment. Dr. Autumn is such […]

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